Sunday, September 6, 2009

Onasadhya at Maroli

Its onam ( a festival) time back in kerala and we at maroli celebrated it by serving sadhya for lunch .Sadhya is a traditional kerala lunch.It is usually served on a Plantain leaf .It is a pure vegetarian meal consisting of starters,main course and dessert.Sharkara upperri (made with banana and jaggery) and bananachips were the starters.

And the main course consisted of rice,sambar(vegetables and lentil cooked with spices and tamarind and finished with corrainader leaves),pineapple pachadi (pineapple cooked in coconut,yougurt and spices), olan (winter melon and long beans in coconut milk ),mathan and payar curry (pumpkin and beans),Avial (carrot,Yam,rawnaana,drumstick cooked in coconut and yougurt and finished with coconut oil),pappadom ,Thoran (stir fried vegetables with grated coconut),puliinchi (ginger and tamarind),kalan( yogurt and coconut based curry) and rasam (a fiery hot water made of black pepper,tamarind tomato and spices) and spicy lime pickle.

And the sadhya is finished with a payasam ,parippu pradaman (moong dal cooked with coconut milk and jaggery and finished with coconut tidbits) and a small banana

We were pleased to serve our customers with a variety of vegetarian dishes thats is quite unique and which depicts our land and its culture.Onam is a festival of celebration and we were able to bring that celebation to a land far away from kerala.