Monday, July 5, 2010

Malabar Chicken - Maroli's Signature dish

"Bland is a bad word" says the slogan of malabar chicken , the signature dish of Maroli. Sixteen different spices are combined to give the chicken the harmonious flavour that surpasses the flavour of any other fried chicken. Its crunchy outside and jucicy inside texture makes it a perfect finger food for any occasions.

Nourish your taste buds with the delicious flavour of Malabar with each and every bite of Malabar Chicken.Order two and get third one for half price.
NOT a batter fried and NO not at all greasy, but yes a fried chicken but fried in pure vegetable oil, which makes it Zero trans fat.
Can any other fried Chicken taste as good as The Malabar chicken???