Friday, July 22, 2011

Dosa Festival - is back at Maroli

Dosa the delicate crepe made of rice and urd dal, has always been a staple food and a favourite among Indians. But recently the fame of this exotic dish has spread world wide that people all over the world crave for this delightful treat. Taking this into consideration Maroli showcases ,the dosa festival again on 28th and 29th july 2011.Come and join us to enjoy different varieties of Dosa, Uttapam, vada and Appam.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dosa festival

Summer calls for festivals and Maroli show cases for the first time the Dosa Festival on 23rd and 24th june. Our chefs have created a unique and delicious menu comprising of a variety of Dosa, uttappam, Appam, Idli and Vada. From the scrumptious Tikka masala Dosa to the Spicy Mysore Masala dosa you will be pampered by a south Indian delight . Come join us for this festival and experience the taste of south India at Maroli.

Time : 11.30 Am to 10:00 PM

Monday, May 2, 2011


Carving a Swan out of an ice block or carving vases and flowers out of vegetable is totally a marvellous job and can be done only by a few gifted people. We are lucky to have in our team people who can excecute this work of wonder.

Did you ever imagine to make a beautiful swan out of a piece of ice ? Well thats were the creative minds work and the talented hands will see to it that the work is done to the perfection,giving great importance the minute detailing.

As said by the great poet John Keats " A thing of beauty is a joy forever " . Creating this beautiful structure out of relicate fruits and vegetable is a rare talent which deserves a big applause and appreciation.