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Friday, December 11, 2009

Malabar food festival-2009

The Malabar food festival held at Maroli on 28th and 29th of November was a grand sucess.This post is dedicated to all our wellwishers,friends and customers who have helped to make this event a wonderful memorable time.

we peresented a variety of seafood and meat dishes like Squid Thoran,Fish Moilee,Crabcurry,Mutton curry ,chicken roast ,mussel fry,thoran,kadala curry,oyster stew and a lot lot more.

A variety of starters like fish cutlet,arikadukka,pakora and a variety of breads like appam, idiappam,puttu made the torontorians say WOW .

A variety of pickles,mango,fish,mussels and lime

And last but not the least the desserts and sweets burfi,jelebi,kinathappam ,payasam were all a wonder to torontorians and we were glad that we saved them a trip to Malabar coast by hosting a food festival here .

With the helps of our experienced and hardworking chefs and our wonderful friends who supported us we were able to present a variety of malabari dishes to the people of toronto.It was a pleasure to watch people taste the cuisine of our land in this far away land.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Malabar food festival at Maroli

With the inuagral food festival in 2008 becoming a huge success ,we have planned for the 2nd Malabar Food Festival for the year 2009 Hosted by Maroli Restaurant . The Malabar region of India lies along the southwest coast of the Indian peninsula and forms the northern part of the present-day Indian state of Kerala. Maroli holds the distinction of being the only Malabari (Kerala)restaurant in Toronto.

On November 28th & 29 th, Maroli will showcase savoury items from Malabar and allow visitors to taste unique Malabar cuisine, which has been influenced by Dutch, British, French, Portuguese and Arab culinary arts from various regimes in the 17th through 20th century.

Exotic dishes at the event include Oyster stew , Pan Fried Sardines, Malabar Fish Biriyani ,Fish Moilee , Appam, Shrimp Malabari ,Squid Thoran, Kallumakai Fry(Mussels) ,Kappa(Cassava) ,Nei Choru, , Chemeen curry(Shrimps) and Crab Curry .

A $25 .00 entry fee allows foodies access to this unique Indian culinary experience which includes viewing of live food preparation, as well relishing in intricately carved fruits and vegetables.This intimate experience is open to the public from Noon to 10pm on Saturday, November 28th and Sunday until 8 pm , November 29th at Maroli, Toronto's only Malabari & Indian restaurant.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maroli- got rennovated

I am back here at my blog after a long break.Maroli was getting rennovated and that was the reason for my absense.We changed the counter, the bar settings, the walls and the floor .And now since its done we are all ready to host a "Malabar food festival " at our place on 28th and 29th of November.

We will soon be adding more to our menu.And i will keep you posted about the changes on the menu very soon.Do have a look at current menu at our website

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Onasadhya at Maroli

Its onam ( a festival) time back in kerala and we at maroli celebrated it by serving sadhya for lunch .Sadhya is a traditional kerala lunch.It is usually served on a Plantain leaf .It is a pure vegetarian meal consisting of starters,main course and dessert.Sharkara upperri (made with banana and jaggery) and bananachips were the starters.

And the main course consisted of rice,sambar(vegetables and lentil cooked with spices and tamarind and finished with corrainader leaves),pineapple pachadi (pineapple cooked in coconut,yougurt and spices), olan (winter melon and long beans in coconut milk ),mathan and payar curry (pumpkin and beans),Avial (carrot,Yam,rawnaana,drumstick cooked in coconut and yougurt and finished with coconut oil),pappadom ,Thoran (stir fried vegetables with grated coconut),puliinchi (ginger and tamarind),kalan( yogurt and coconut based curry) and rasam (a fiery hot water made of black pepper,tamarind tomato and spices) and spicy lime pickle.

And the sadhya is finished with a payasam ,parippu pradaman (moong dal cooked with coconut milk and jaggery and finished with coconut tidbits) and a small banana

We were pleased to serve our customers with a variety of vegetarian dishes thats is quite unique and which depicts our land and its culture.Onam is a festival of celebration and we were able to bring that celebation to a land far away from kerala.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Fruit carving

Its been more than a week since i posted something in my blog...And today i am here with an interesting topic "Art on fruits or fruit carving ".
Knife have always been known for just cutting n chopping.But our chef Raj has brought out the creavity with the help of knife.Its an artists mind that has seen the possibility of creating a picture without the help of paint brush, pencil or a paper.
Isnt that an fabulous sight to see a flower carved out of a water melon.

Who other than a inborn artist could have imagined to have made a swan out of a cucumber, a watermelon and a carrot

The world of art is such a wide one and an artist mind serches for creating things that are unique and extraordinary and at the same time pleasing to our eyes and soul.
So here at maroli our chef Raj is ready to serve his creavity for any occassion say it a birthday or a wedding.
Make your guests say "WOW" !!!!! to see that wonderful art dispalyed at your grand party !!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maroli caters for any occasion

Maroli has been in catering industry since 2004 .We have catered for more than 500 people.And today it was our priviledge to have catered for the wedding of the senior advisor of David Miller's (city mayor) office.

The menu being :
The celebrity among Indian dishes -"The Butter Chicken"

The creamy and rich " Palak Paneer "

The queen of all salads "Garden green salad"

Authentic Indian savoury salad " Raita "

Typical kerala beef fry-" Beef syrian "

Also accompanied by peas pulao and veg khorma . Our chefs Shiju ,Jagathy and Raj have always been at their best serving people from diffrent ethinicity.Its a team effort that brings success to us and we are grateful to our skilled staff who have always presented the best of their ability whether it was a catering a dine-in takeout or a delivery order.
All of our current staff have vast experience in food industry and have always and will continue to put a dedicated effort to serve the people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lunch Special

When it is lunch time people look for food that is filling and satisfying, but, at the same time not too expensive.Here we serve lunch specials starting from $5.99 . A descent portion of meal consisting of butterchicken,Basmati rice ,lentil curry(dal) and green salad.
Isnt that a great lunch time meal ?? Filling and satisfying ,both your stomach and your pocket.
Or if you would like and get an addition of chanamasala and a pop to the special mentioned above for just $7.99.
Lunch specials are available at Maroli daily from 11.30 A.M to 3 P.M.So treat our tummy with a nice srumptious meal without emptying your pocket!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chilly chicken - A Hakka chinese dish

Hakka refers to chinese people who lives or lived in south eastern parts of china.When these people migrated to India they brought along with them their wonderful cuisine.Later this cuisine got fused with that of India and the result was Indian chinese.A wonderful fusion of two diffrent countries created complex and heavenly flavours.We at Maroli are pleased to serve "Chilly Chicken" one of the most popular dish in Indian chinese .

This delightful dish guarantees to take our customers a walk through the luscious flavours of Indian and chinese cuisine .
Enjoy the fusion of two wonderful lands at our family restaurant.
Our happiness is in serving our customers the best of everything.Hope you are having a delicious weekend !!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekends - not the same anymore at Maroli

Summer is in its full bloom and torontorians are all having fun, looking out for variety.
So we at Maroli have made some new addition, a variety,in our weekend menu.

Mushrooms cooked in coconutmilk and authentic malabari spices!!! A great way to cook mushrooms and people are just loving it .
How about the authentic kerala Crab curry in roasted coconut sauce ? ? ? Another exotic addition to our menu.

And what else can make us a complete malabari restauarant than the fiery hot kerala fish curry finished with a dash of coconut oil....
Everyone looks forward to weekends, and so do our chefs to serve the people with the total variety all from the south western Malabar coasts of India.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vegans - welcome to Maroli

Veganism is a lifestyle people choose to follow,avoiding the use of animal products (eg:meat,chicken) and their by-products (eg: egg,fish,milk products) in their diet,clothing and other accessories.Taking this into consideration we have added few dishes on our menu that are 100% vegan.The dishes like channa masala,Lentil curry,Kadai vegetables,Vegetable pulao etc caters well to vegans.The only ingredients that goes into them are onions,tomatoes,vegatables( for kadai veg),spices and yellow lentil( for lentil curry) and chickpeas(for channa masala).
So if you are a vegan never be hesitant to step into Maroli. We take the responsibilty for satisfiying your appetite with our vegan delicacies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kozhikodan Biriyani - at Maroli

Calicut (kozhikode),a land of spices and food lovers is known for its Biriyani.Biriyani is a dish made with rice ,spices and meat/chicken/vegetables . The name is taken from the persian word ,beryan,which means roasted.It was intoduced to calicut many many years ago by Arabs.
It was later reinvented and modified by the foodies in calicut and the result was the " Kozhikodan Biriyani". People all over kerala crave for this heavenly dish.Its great aroma and gratifying flavour makes it the perfect Temptation. And to have that authentic dish in Toronto without losing even its minutest flavour ,is a real treat !!!

"Malabar Mutton Biriyani" , one of the most popular dish of Maroli.

So what are you waiting for??
Get yourself ready to treat your tastebuds, Royally !!!

Maroli- Indian and Malabari restaurant

The team Maroli is proud to introduce the cuisine from south western part of India ,the region being Malabar.Malabar is the name given to the Northern part of Kerala which covers Kannur ,Kasargod , Calicut and few other cities.As everyone knows ,India is a land of diversity and so is its cuisine. The Malabaris are spice loving people and the spices plays an important role in their day to day cooking.Black pepper ,also known as the black gold , is one of the important spice in Malabari cuisine .Curry leaves and Coconut is also given as much importance as it is hard to find a house in Malabar which does not have curry leaf plant or coconut trees.But to admit ,its a land which has been influenced by foreign culture like that of Dutch,Portugese,Arabs,French and Europeans.And that influence is highly reflected in the cuisine. In the dishes like Biriyani,stews,Fish moilee u can taste that foreign influence. We at Maroli serve the people of toronto, for the first time, the authentic Malabari cuisine.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beef cutlets or Beef cakes

Beef cutlet, a popular evening bite among the keralites is now being introduced to torontorians by Maroli.Minced beef mixed with onions potatoes and spices,later bread crumbed and fried...
YUMMY !!!!is the apt word for that savoury scrumptious snack.
Come and enjoy your evenings at Maroli to spent time with ur family and friends munching on beef cutlet and sipping the authentic south Indian filter coffee.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Malabar Chicken-Chef Naveen's secret recipe

Malabar Chicken is a signature dish of Maroli, chicken marinated overnight with 16 different spices and then deep fried.A secret recipe of Naveen polapady,the owner and chef of Maroli.And unlike the other fried chicken its fried in vegetable oil and that makes it zero transfat.Its a falvourful chicken which makes the people want more of it as an appetizer or as a main course. 'Bland is a bad word' says the sologan of Malabar chicken.
Born in a family where everyone is passionate about cooking ,Naveen developed his culinary interest right from his childhood.His talents were later polished by graduating in a culinary school in India.

After working for 5 years as an executive chef in hotels in India he decided to fly to Canada with a dream of opening a Restauarant in Toronto.As a first step to make his dream a reality he opened a small takeout place in Younge and Davisville .After making people aware of his skills he later relocated to Bloor and Bathrust upgrading to a casual dinning restaurant.
He gives the customers the best of his ability never compromising on quality ,authenticity and consistency.He explores the world of cooking adding new dishes to his menu and looking forward to the customer satisfaction in everything he serves to them.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Our specialities

Customer Relations

" Never be a stranger ,be hospitable" is what we follow inrespect to the customer relations.Customer satisfaction is our prior importance and we try our level best to cater to their likes and wants.As a reusult of this, we have many prominent figures like,the honourable, Adrienne Clarkson( the former governor general of canada ) and Mr John Saul (the famous writer)
as our regular customers.
Its a pleasure to see our customers coming back again and again ,and their suggestion is the key to our success. A smile of satisfaction is what we expect inreturn from our customers. They are our friends ,our strength and their support is important for us, now and forever.
What more can we ask than a satisfied customers who keeps coming back and gives us good suggestions and encouragement?Customer care and relationship is most important factor for the growth of a business and especially for a food industry ,that is the back bone .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Malabar food festival

In the year of 2008 Maroli hosted, for the first time in toronto , the malabar food festival.The response was truly encouraging .It was a pleasant surprise to see that the Malabari spices could tickle the taste bugs of even those who were quite un familiar with the cuisine.The dishes being puttu,pathiri,idaippam,fish moilee,malabar fish curry,sardine fry,malabar biriyani and the list goes on and on. The reviews were great and here i s one of the reveiw

We are planning to have similar event every year in the month of October or November depending on the convenient weather and schedules.