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Friday, December 11, 2009

Malabar food festival-2009

The Malabar food festival held at Maroli on 28th and 29th of November was a grand sucess.This post is dedicated to all our wellwishers,friends and customers who have helped to make this event a wonderful memorable time.

we peresented a variety of seafood and meat dishes like Squid Thoran,Fish Moilee,Crabcurry,Mutton curry ,chicken roast ,mussel fry,thoran,kadala curry,oyster stew and a lot lot more.

A variety of starters like fish cutlet,arikadukka,pakora and a variety of breads like appam, idiappam,puttu made the torontorians say WOW .

A variety of pickles,mango,fish,mussels and lime

And last but not the least the desserts and sweets burfi,jelebi,kinathappam ,payasam were all a wonder to torontorians and we were glad that we saved them a trip to Malabar coast by hosting a food festival here .

With the helps of our experienced and hardworking chefs and our wonderful friends who supported us we were able to present a variety of malabari dishes to the people of toronto.It was a pleasure to watch people taste the cuisine of our land in this far away land.