Friday, August 7, 2009

Customer Relations

" Never be a stranger ,be hospitable" is what we follow inrespect to the customer relations.Customer satisfaction is our prior importance and we try our level best to cater to their likes and wants.As a reusult of this, we have many prominent figures like,the honourable, Adrienne Clarkson( the former governor general of canada ) and Mr John Saul (the famous writer)
as our regular customers.
Its a pleasure to see our customers coming back again and again ,and their suggestion is the key to our success. A smile of satisfaction is what we expect inreturn from our customers. They are our friends ,our strength and their support is important for us, now and forever.
What more can we ask than a satisfied customers who keeps coming back and gives us good suggestions and encouragement?Customer care and relationship is most important factor for the growth of a business and especially for a food industry ,that is the back bone .

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