Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maroli caters for any occasion

Maroli has been in catering industry since 2004 .We have catered for more than 500 people.And today it was our priviledge to have catered for the wedding of the senior advisor of David Miller's (city mayor) office.

The menu being :
The celebrity among Indian dishes -"The Butter Chicken"

The creamy and rich " Palak Paneer "

The queen of all salads "Garden green salad"

Authentic Indian savoury salad " Raita "

Typical kerala beef fry-" Beef syrian "

Also accompanied by peas pulao and veg khorma . Our chefs Shiju ,Jagathy and Raj have always been at their best serving people from diffrent ethinicity.Its a team effort that brings success to us and we are grateful to our skilled staff who have always presented the best of their ability whether it was a catering a dine-in takeout or a delivery order.
All of our current staff have vast experience in food industry and have always and will continue to put a dedicated effort to serve the people.


Chitra said...

hi snigidha , first time in ur blog.It looks coool..This array of dishes looks superb !!

Snigdha said...

thanks chithra

Aysha said...

Really can't resist butter chicken...n i just love the butter chicken of maroli...its just yummy n d best!!!